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The Raven Express

'Life reflections & guidance for 2019'

2019: An EPIC year of new beginnings, reckonings, explosive change and reconnection...

This year I wrote my weekly Raven Express reflecting on life lessons occurring in my life and in the lives of all of us

I love exploring the micro-macro themes of life. 

We’re living in the midst of radical and rapid global change in incredibly challenging times. The more we understand what’s happening today on all levels, the better. Guidance through 2019’s most pertinent themes could prove helpful... This eBook explores the best of my 2018 reflections and added new material. The themes are:

Identity, Relationships, Family Dynamics, Meaning-Purpose and 

Our Times.

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"I'm already half way through it!! OMG how you deliver. It's the most glorious slap in the face EVER. 

I needed every word - my child came to play today" 

- Katrina (Instagram comment on @ravenkatie21 31/12/18)

The Personas are an ancient language, reawakened for our times, our relationships and ourselves...

Katie has spent the last 17 years qualitatively researching and refining her understanding of personality.  Based on her original, best-selling archetypal book, "Who Am I?  An Archetypal Quest", published as Katie Altham, Katie has created 10 Personas, that are very easily understood and relatable.  It's an accessible, yet profound language that names EXACTLY who we ALL uniquely are.

Persona Grata Profiling offers in-depth insights to help unravel our complex, unique Personas and personalities, with personal and professional development workshops.  We specialise in unveiling the hidden dynamics within ALL forms of relationships.  

Katie Eden Todd

Archetypal Therapist, Author, Podcast Presenter & Public Speaker

B.Mus., B.A. (Psych.), Post Grad. Dip. Psych.