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 Persona Grata 

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The Personas are an ancient language, reawakened for our times, our relationships and ourselves...

Katie has spent the last 17 years qualitatively researching and refining her understanding of personality.  Based on her original, best-selling archetypal book, "Who Am I?  An Archetypal Quest", published as Katie Altham, Katie has created 10 Personas, that are very easily understood and relatable.  It's an accessible, yet profound language that names EXACTLY who we ALL uniquely are.

Persona Grata Profiling offers in-depth insights to help unravel our complex, unique Personas and personalities, with personal and professional development workshops.  We specialise in unveiling the hidden dynamics within ALL forms of relationships.  


The 'Who Am I? Cell Mate or Soul Mate' 

Summary Edition eBook

To find out if we’re a Cell Mate or Soul Mate in our relationships, we must first answer the essential question – ‘Who Am I?’ 

Our journey begins with a fascinating exploration of our relationship with ourselves. We then apply this wisdom to every other relationship we have. This includes our partnerships, families, friendships and working relationships.

We are all born with unique personalities (Personas) that contain specific strengths (light Adult sides) and weaknesses (shadow Child sides). 

Our relationship blueprints are developed in childhood and we are magnetically attracted to certain Persona combinations in adult relationships. This can result in painful Cell Mate relationships... 

To discover how to consciously develop Soul Mate relationships in every aspect of life, get your copy HERE

I’ve got the eBook. Unbelievable. I actually feel quite churned up with excitement. It’s like I’ve searched for this stuff my entire adult life. This is the stuff children need to be taught. This explains everyone. It’s a powerful thing. I want to tell the world ha ha ha!

Bec O

I LOVE THIS!!  Katie honestly you are a personal inspiration to me. Nothing is more relatable than your work!  Other stuff is often so vague and although I am deeply interested in all of it, reading your book for even just 10 minutes is revolutionary!  Thank you!

Sarah F

I'm only half way through the quiz but mind blown so far. I'm using it for profiling myself to better understand what I need In life for a more well rounded balanced life but can be applied to relationships too.


Katie Eden Todd

Archetypal Therapist, Author, Podcast Presenter & Public Speaker

B.Mus., B.A. (Psych.), Post Grad. Dip. Psych.