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The Persona Grata Profiling Team

Katie Eden Todd

Archetypal  Therapist, Author, Public Speaker & Podcast Presenter

B.Mus., B.A. (Psych.), Post Grad. Dip. Psych.

Katie is a highly entertaining and passionate advocate for all to realise their potential.  She has been in private practice for 30 years, but began her professional life as a classical trumpet player. Her quest to fully understand all dimensions of personality has driven her entire life.  Conquering her chronic health issues over decades, changed her life and work exponentially.  She has lived both Cell Mate and Soul Mate relationships with herself, and others.  This has ignited her passion to enable others to live a Soul Mate life.  

Eden Batti

Administration and Resource Development

B.A. (International Relations and Political Science & Law and Society)

Currently studying a Dip. of Government

Eden was raised on the Archetypes and joined the Persona journey on day one.  Eden is keen to help share this transformative language to many. She along with her husband Aby are helping to develop new interactive Persona resources.  She has a degree in International Relations and Law, and brings a wealth of skills, knowledge and vision to our team.

Aby Batti

Graphic Designer and IT Specialist

Aby started his career as a 3D game designer (virtual reality) in his home city of Paris, France. After achieving success in his VR game 'Drift', he and business partner Ferdinand Dervieux  created their company Sharpsense. While Aby is now based in Australia with his wife Eden, they continue to collaborate in different projects such as interactive museum content and website development. Aby is the creative force behind our interactive adult and children's questionnaires online. As the company grows, Aby is very excited to see where his graphic design knowledge can take him. 

Jesse Altham

Dip. of Youth Work

Persona Insights - Podcast Presenter 

Committee Member of WA Youth Pride Network

Jesse was born and raised on Katie's archetypes. In year 2, he taught his classmates the archetypes for news, correctly naming who they all were.  Jesse's own journey uniquely equips him to understand and relate to children and youth.  Jesse is proudly transgender and has an extraordinary depth of wisdom to share. A gifted musician and public speaker, he has always wanted to be an integral part of this work, now and in the future.

Trevor Todd

Author & Teacher

B.A.(Eng.), T. Cert.

With a feature film, a television drama series, and 12 books to his credit, Trevor Todd’s work has reached millions of people worldwide. GLAD RAGS, a 13 part children's television series, which he conceived and wrote all episodes, was broadcast on the BBC and in Australia. He has won as AWGIE for best children's television drama and is a Fellow of the Fellowship of Australian Writers. His books have been translated into Japanese, Korean and Danish and are on sale in the USA. Trevor and his wife Katie Eden Todd are collaborating to create a series of Children's stories and resources. When not writing he enjoys playing his guitar and singing old Beatles' songs.

Mark Slater 

B. Arch. (Hons.)

Mark is a talented and innovative architect, designer and DJ.  He has worked with Katie and her archetypes for 13 years.  His innate understanding of the Personas, made him the perfect choice to design the Persona profile map and logo.  Mark has personally found the depths within the archetypal Personas to be life-changing. Mark brings his in-depth understanding of Sacred Geometry to the Persona work. Mark and Katie are currently combining his architecture background with the Personas to create Persona Designs.

Peta Nicol

Children's, Youth and Parenting Educator


Peta has been working with Katie and her archetypal model, for 16 years.  She has a passion to enable children to fully see and believe in who they are.  Peta has been running children's, adolescence and parenting classes with great success.  Parents love being able to understand and nurture the specific needs and talents of their children.  Families are literally transformed with this unique and powerful language.