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Cell Mates or Soul Mates?

Every Persona has Child and Adult sides.  

How each Persona thinks, feels and behaves, and what drives, sabotages and blocks their happiness, 

has been spelt out in great detail with our profiling model. 

All the work has been done for you!  All you need to do, is apply this knowledge.  

Life is all about how well we fully know ourselves and how well we master our inner Child.  Learning how to self-parent, is one of the most essential ingredients for happiness.  The inner Child resists this process with every fibre of their being.  When our Child runs our lives and wins, we always lose.  The Personas shine a bright light on our Child's repertoire of self-destruction.   Once seen, they never hold such power over our choices again...

Cell Mate

Soul Mate

  • CHILD IN CHARGE (Shadow traits)
  • Fear driven, blaming, irrational
  • Takes things very personally
  • Lives a stagnant life
  • Lives on auto-pilot reactively
  • Seeks others to fulfil needs
  • Repeats painful patterns, endlessly

  • ADULT IN CHARGE (Light traits)
  • Authentic, responsible, considered
  • Sees all points of view
  • Lives a free and fulfilling life
  • Responsive, not reactive, to life events
  • Fulfils own needs
  • Embraces life lessons as opportunities to grow

When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness. 

Joseph Campbell