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User Guide To Humans:
How I was born to be...


This book reveals a complete picture of the unique YOU!

This is a ‘how to’ become the best version of yourself!
With the 10 amazing Persona languages every aspect of who you truly are; your gifts, talents, style, contradictions, best and worst traits are unveiled.
We must fully and honestly understand ourselves, if we ever hope to fully understand other humans… 

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The Raven Express

'Life reflections & guidance for 2019'


2019: An EPIC year of new beginnings, reckonings, explosive change and reconnection...

This year I wrote my weekly Raven Express reflecting on life lessons occurring 

in my life and in the lives of all of us

We’re living in the midst of radical and rapid global change in incredibly challenging times. 

The more we understand what’s happening today on all levels, the better. Guidance through 2019’s most pertinent themes could prove helpful... 

This eBook explores the best of my 2018 reflections and added new material including:

Identity, Relationships, Family Dynamics, Meaning-Purpose and 

Our Times.

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"I'm already half way through it!! OMG how you deliver. It's the most glorious slap in the face EVER. 

I needed every word - my child came to play today" 

- Katrina (Instagram comment on @ravenkatie21 31/12/18)

'Who Am I? Cell Mate or Soul Mate'

Summary Edition eBook


Completed the Persona Quiz online?

This eBook is essential in continuing your Persona journey!

It contains in-depth information about The Personas, Cell Mates & Soul Mates and how to recognise 'family replica' relationships. 

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PLEASE NOTE:  This eBook is in a PDF format, if you will be downloading this eBook via your mobile phone or tablet, a free PDF reader app may be required before downloading.  Safari does not have a PDF reader so you will need to download and open with iBooks or another PDF reader prior to downloading.  Thank you. 

Persona Magic 

Aromatherapy Oils

$30 each (+$10 postage Australia wide)

Every Persona has their own magic recipe to help shift us energetically from Child to Adult. Katie has worked out an original recipe of 9 essential oils to tackle each Personas core issues, with Deanne Moulden. Great for everyone when struggling in any way, or to balance and find extra inspiration, clarity and energy. People who know nothing about Personas have used them, and experienced huge shifts. Try one and see!

How do I choose my Persona Magic Oil?

The Animals: Lion, Dog and Beaver are formulated to help us when we are MISSING these animals. I’m a no Dog, so I use Dog. I love it! It softens me and gives me patience and tolerance on days when I’m struggling. Whatever is your lowest animal Persona score in the quiz, i.e. your weakest animal, that’s what you use. 

The Birds: Choose your strongest Bird first... the Magic range will greatly help you to balance this Persona. Then, if you notice another of your Birds bedding support- get that one next. 

Many people have their Missing Animal oil and their strongest Bird oil. 

How do I use my oil?

Rub the oil all over after a shower. 

It's great to use one in the morning and one at night. 

Use daily and you will quickly notice how grounded, positive and motivated you feel. 

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