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Tegan P.

I’ve got the eBook.  Unbelievable.  Raven is me through & through.  I actually feel quite churned up with excitement.  It’s like I’ve searched for this stuff my entire adult life (for me personally).  This is the stuff children need to be taught.  Our relationships shape our world from the DAY we are born.  Our interactions and social behaviours.  This explains everyone.  It will help children to accept people who are different to them but more importantly to accept themselves!  Knowing who they are and accepting that.  It’s a powerful thing.

I want to tell the world ha ha ha!

Bec O

I LOVE THIS!!  Katie honestly you are a personal inspiration to me.  The past couple of years I've been delving deeply into astrology, numerology, personality archetypes and nothing is more relatable than your work!  Other stuff is often so vague and although I am deeply interested in all of it, reading your book for even just 10 minutes is revolutionary!  It's honest and not sugar coated!  It helps me see my shadow side of myself and accept it better than any other resource I've come across so far.   Also my boyfriend is such a swan!!!  It describes him so perfectly it's insane!!  Thankyou so much Katie.  Tonight has been another break through for me and has reignited my passion to do my personalised dream!  Thankyou! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah F

Learning about the personas Katie teaches is absolutely life-changing. So many things suddenly make sense about myself let alone understanding others. I am eternally grateful to having had the opportunity to be a student of Katie's and highly recommend that everyone take part. Thank you, Katie xx

Deanne M

Katie has given me the tools to understand why I love some people, and others just do not interest me at all.  This has been something I needed as a tool in my industry (Professional Speaker and Stylist in the Hairdressing Industry) forever.  I am consistently working to improve myself and help others.  Knowing my Personas and now, having the ability to recognise others, helps me work on my weaknesses and tone my strengths down when necessary.  Everybody can learn from the information that Katie gives in her seminars.  My 10 year old son attended and learnt a lot, and I am about to take my 73 year old Dad. So, everybody go along.

Lisa M

Amazing stuff! Found this work incredibly useful not only in my personal life, but also in my professional life. As a natural health therapist, I've found it has greatly helped me connect with and understand my clients, their language, their fears and what they need to move forward in life. Thanks Katie!

Shani C

I have been involved in Katie's work for some time now, and it has always been incredibly insightful and transformative. The latest evolution of her work is no exception, and yet again, I have experienced a profound perspective with my archetypal make up. I have also been working one-on-one with Katie this year with amazing results, and so I recommend her highly in this regard also. You're an inspiration Katie. xxx

Mark S

Learning with Katie over several years and seeing the archetypes and Personas grow into what they are today has been enlightening and nothing short of life changing!  They have helped me gain a deeper understanding and awareness of my own personal behaviours, reactions and choices in life.  Observing, contemplating and analysing my immediate family Personas and comparing them to mine, has shown me why I’ve felt restricted and contracted at times in my life.  It is also very clear through this process, why I made my first significant partner choice this lifetime, in order to heal and fill my childhood wounds.  Since clearly understanding this at a deeper level and breaking free, I am now moving forward with a broader and deeper personal awareness and clarity like never before.  

This tool has also been invaluable in parenting my 9 year old son.  Understanding my son’s Personas and he also taking a keen interest in learning his own and his family’s, has shown me how he is my greatest teacher.  I feel comforted knowing this is an invaluable gift to help guide him moving forward in his life with a deeper awareness of his own behaviours and relationships.

Katie’s wisdom, kindness and soul are truly a gift we can all learn from in order to live on earth in love and harmony!

Andrea Z

I first attended one of Katie’s Archetype workshops about 12 years ago.  I had no idea what it was all about and really only went along to support my wife.  I enjoyed the course and by the end of the day I had an understanding of the different types of archetypes, but the seeds sown at this workshop would lie dormant for a number of years. 

Katie’s current work has now evolved into a far simpler model. Her 100 different archetypes are now contained within her new Persona model, incorporating 3 animals and 7 birds.  This model was much easier for me to understand.  ‘Persona talk’ is a part of my daily life now, and it has truly helped me to appreciate my children and loved ones on a whole new level.  I have no doubt that this understanding has helped me to be more patient, considerate and compassionate.  I also love the common connection shared with others that have done Katie’s workshops – it is joyous, uplifting and uniting.

Farrell M

Learning about my Personas gave me a deep insight to who I am and how I interact with the world.  It gave me understandings about my strengths and weaknesses and realisations of patterns that were unseen to me, bringing them to my awareness so I could transform them.  Working with Katie and the Personas has helped me step out of my life of obligation and disappointment and into a life of joy and excitement.  I feel I have the life of my dreams including attracting my soul mate.  I am forever grateful for the experience.  Thank you Katie.

Anita O

I cannot put words really to explain how knowing the personas can be so soothing to the psyche...suddenly it is effortless to see/feel them and address their needs! (Mine)

Thanks for a great day. It was a great group. I feel incredibly calm and clear this 3 key words to aspire to...grace courage and fidelity...thank you for your brilliant mind and all your efforts. The work IS TRANSFORMATIONAL.  xx

Astraea S

Hi Katie, I just wanted to let you know that the euphoric feeling you helped me tap into has stayed with me all day.  It feels blissful.  I woke up this morning and was able to replicate my expanded self with my beautiful Peacock, Dog and Beaver striding out beside me with the image of a male Lion, mane flowing in the wind allowing me to hold onto his tail as we cross over the bridge together as a FAMILY.  So powerful, so exciting.  I can really feel that this is going to make such a difference to my life and I cannot express my gratitude enough to you.

Janis J

Thank you so much Katie.  I so enjoyed your workshops.  I am certainly coming out of my comfort zone and I have discovered some very interesting things about myself and those closest to me.  I have a sense of peace this afternoon that I have not had in a while.  I have started to action the plan and it feels great!  Thank you again!

Danielle C

Hi Katie, thanks for the great workshop yesterday.

Gaby T

Hi Katie, just wanted to acknowledge you personally for such an inspiring day yesterday.  I think I really get that we can know all this information but unless we actually do the WORK then it's very easy to let our inner child kick in again.  So I have made a commitment to myself to BE IT.  To do what you said, breath into it.  Bring it into my consciousness and step into this new chapter of my life as the vibrant healthy successful woman I am.  I am very grateful to have met you. You know what I really beautiful Dog wants to look after ME now.  I have spent all my life worrying about everyone else and it's OK for me now to let go and concentrate on ME.  Oh boy is that this space!  Much love.

Di H

Thanks Katie for a wonderful day.  Your archetypes are brilliant and I was exhausted by the end as I projected all the possibilities for me to use them, personally and in business.  You put so much energy into this work and it is changing lives.  Today I am allowing my wounded Lion to step forth and be in its real power.  Thank you!

Sara W

Dear Katie, what a splendid day, I thank you deeply, full of respect and appreciation and with trust.


Katie's Persona Workshops bring a deep understanding of all human relationships.  Why they work and more importantly, why some don't work.  They help make sense of the insensible and with this knowledge comes empowerment to react and respond differently to those around you.  At work, at home and in love.  An intelligent and masterful approach to self realisation.  Katie is a brilliant presenter, delivering life changing, power packed sessions with great humour and wisdom.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll have tons of WOW moments and in wonderful ways, you will never be the same again!

Gwyneth O

My partner and I were once constantly challenged by our differences.  We are from opposite side of the planet and therefore grew up with completely different cultures, with different first languages.  Katie's Persona work shone a light on our fundamental similarities and stark differences so that we could better communicate and understand each other.  Instead of reactivity through the stress of living so far apart, we learnt how to empathise with each other and love each other in a more profound way.  We can't thank her enough for the phenomenal impact she's had on our relationship.  We've finally found a language (the Persona's), that we are both fluent in!

Sarah B

I have worked with Katie over many years.  She is such a gifted and inspirational teacher who has helped me understand many aspects of myself which are at times, very contradicting.  I now appreciate and accept each part of myself, and more importantly I understand other people, which has taught me compassion.  I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting an amazing group of people, and loved seeing their journeys unfold.

Judi D

I have been studying archetypal language with Katie for over 15 years.  Using archetypes as a tool for personal growth has been life changing.  Katie's latest work using her Personas has been truly transformational, not only do I know myself more deeply but this language enables me to know others better, and have a more compassionate understanding when conflicts arise.  A deeper understanding of people and how they tick allows for more harmonious relationships.  This language can be applied to any area of your life be it at home or the workplace. 

Michelle C

Firstly I’d like to say something about Katie Eden Todd. I’ve had the good fortune to know Katie for quite some years, and it has been inspiring to watch and participate in, the evolution of her work. Katie is a gifted and insightful teacher, a woman with the courage to live by her convictions.  Her passion to share her knowledge and understandings makes her a generous, and when she needs to be, a confronting spiritual midwife.  Katie's Persona work unearths who you truly are, the light, the dark, and the grey in-between.  There are other tools out there that attempt to explain personality, however Katie's work takes you far beyond surface generalisations to a deeper, richer understanding that connects you with your history, a lineage through time.  Everything about who you are, how you are, will fall into place.  That's when you know you are home.

Lyn C

Everyone is my teacher, Some I seek. Some I attract because of what I must learn. I’d heard of Katie’s work back in 2014 through a mutual friend. I was given Katie’s number and kept it for safe keeping … just in case. I was in a very toxic and abusive relationship which eroded much of my confidence and self-image for close to a decade, I was holding out hope things would miraculously change. I finally left, now a single mum to 2 young kids it was a time of deep personal crisis and turmoil. I knew I wanted to live my soul purpose, but I did not know how to achieve that. I did not have the emotional resilience, nor did I understand my patterns and the process of how to change my responses to my circumstances. I just wanted someone to tell me what to do and fix everything for me. I am forever changed and I bow deeply to Katie in my gratitude for what she has taught me.

Katie and her Persona language, tell it like it is when, and sometimes before, you are ready to hear it. Katie has helped me to see how many events in my life had brought me to that place, as well as allowing me to discover a much stronger, confident and self-loving person within myself that for me was unimaginable. Katie’s work is like nothing I’ve come across before it is at a level of consciousness that ignites your passions reconnects you to your inner child, teaches you compassion for yourself, makes peace with your past present and leaves you excited about your future.

I highly recommend Katie and her unique archetypal language  without reservation, as she has been a true blessing in my life, helping me to maintain my balance and embrace my new beginnings.

Ania M